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Do you know about the hacks used by fraudsters while registering for free calculus course online

Everyone wants to get anything for free. Whatever it is whether it is about winning a free prize or a free calculus course. The internet has many advantages of its own but there are some problems too. The thing is that in the last few decades the number of online crimes has gone up several times mainly due to a lack of cyber protection policies for web users.

Learning calculus is a difficult thing and the moment you are told that you can learn about it for free you seem to take immediate action.

But here you need to be a bit cautious while registering as many people fall into this 'free calculus course' trap. here are some of the general techniques used by a fraudster to trick you-

Telling you that you will get all the content as per your syllabus while actually, it is not

When was the last time you registered for a course only to find out in the end that the course content is of no relevance and is not going to solve your purpose?

Well, this is one of the major downsides of the internet and a thing that hackers use to cause harassment to people.

Before registering for a course you need to make sure that the course material and content are relevant to the one that you want to study. The best way to do is before registering to make sure that you don't waste unnecessary time in registering for a free calculus course that has no value for you.

Making you believe that you are signing up for a free course
Now, this is another mind trick used by the fraudsters online. They make false beliefs to people and ask them to register to provide total fake explanations that the course is for free and blah, blah, blah…….

But once you complete the registration process you find out a screen has popped up on the screen asking you that this course was free only till the previous day and that the offer had expired.

They show you a big discount offer that you can still avail to use free calculus course and study from it.

But wait…!!! Didn't you see the trap? These online fraudsters play a psychological trick to make them believe that they had missed the opportunity to register for the course. But they are kind and offering you a big discount that is especially for you as you are so much loyal.

As many persons have gone so far and already completed the online process they are fooled to make you pay.

Providing only a part of the course for free while the rest needs to be bought

Now, this is something that is not only used by fraud people who want to cheat on other people's money but many original and authentic websites as well.

Now you may tell that how come you tell that this is fair?
See its a way of marketing strategy that to make people use a thing for free and if they like it then they will also want to pay for using the entire thing for a longer time.

And here the product that we are talking about is a free calculus course. If you are a math lover or have to learn calculus with limited time and have not yet found any other website chances are that you might pay to get the entire course.

Wasting time and energy on registration but then unable to view the course

This is another online trickery technique used by malicious minded people for wasting other people's time.

You are again told that you will get the best online free calculus course and all you have to do is fill out a simple form and as if you will be almost handed over the A grade on calculus instantly.

But once you register for the course and go inside the portal you see all the other stuff except for the course. It is not late till you realize that this is a fake website and that you have been tricked by some online fraudster.

Final say
The purpose of writing this article is not only to discourage or demoralize you for signing up for a free calculus course but making you aware so that you don't fall in the same pitfalls as most of the online users do.  

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